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The Molar Grippie - Ring

The Molar Grippie - Ring

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The Grippie Ring is a way for your baby to practice their fine motor skills, while also having fun teething with their favorite teething toy. All Teething Eggs make a soft rattle noise inside, attach the Grippie Ring for a true rattle experience!

Babies go through stages where they are learning to grasp and manipulate objects. One of the most important thing babies need to learn during this period is how to hold and control their own teethers.

The Grippie Ring snaps on and off allowing your little one options on how they want to teethe. It doubles as another teether (babies love to chew on the ring), it's easy to grasp, and it turns your Teething Egg into a rattle!

This little accessory is a great addition to your baby's Teething Egg!

 **PLEASE NOTE: The Teething Egg is sold separately and not included with The Grippie Ring purchase

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