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CinnaMint + Mint Toothpick Set

CinnaMint + Mint Toothpick Set

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Each 2-Pack comes with 1x bottle of Mint No.9 and 1x bottle of CinnaMint No.7.

CinnaMint: The cinnamon toothpick is an American classic - warm, spicy and sweet - a welcoming flavour that sits forward on the tongue. By including a bite of peppermint - with notes of clove - we added a cool aftertaste to this timeless flavour.

Mint: Our Mint No. 9, a deceivingly simple blend, required two years of development. Blending wintergreen, peppermint, spearmint, sweet fennel and additional essential oils, it has a well-balanced character. And it was worth the effort - this recipe has not changed and is still one of our most robust and long lasting blends.

Each contains at least a dozen toothpicks.

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